Automatic Marker Making

PolyNester is a totally automatic, cost-effective way to produce markers for production, costing and engineering. PolyNester is simple to operate and produces markers faster and more efficiently than manual marker making, saving time and money.

Based on Nester, PolyNester uses expert systems technologies that emulate the thinking of the human to acheive the most optimal pattern layout. PolyNester will frequently exceed the material utilization achieved in manual marker-making.

When used as a man-machine team, even greater efficiencies can be acheived. Typical users payback their PolyNester investment in a few short months just on labor savings alone. Add-on the additional material savings and the decision to deploy PolyNester is a “no brainer”.

PolyNester is completely integrated with PolyNest, our pattern design, grading and interactive nesting system. PolyNest is so easy to learn and use, new clients learn PolyNest in as little as three days.