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Integrated PDM/PLM, ERP and Sourcing

PolyPM ERP provides an easy to use, flexible back-office production solution that’s fully integrated with our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) suite, with the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office. Developed by Polygon Software, PolyPM is the culmination of more than 30 years of providing solutions solely to the fashion industries.

Based on web-browser or client/server technology, PolyPM enables your entire enterprise to integrate all aspects of the product development, supply chain and production processes. Focused on all phases of a product’s lifecycle — from style development to production and distribution – PolyPM allows brands, distributors, manufacturers and mills to collaborate with anyone within the organization and/or with customers and suppliers during the product development, production and delivery process. PolyPM clients have been improving competitiveness, reducing errors, controlling inventory costs, improving customer service and shortening delivery schedules using PolyPM. In short, our clients have realized faster return on their investment through rapid implementation, superior reporting, chargeback reduction, quicker time to market, reduced errors and improved customer service.

Taking a unique approach of integrating product development (PLM) and production (ERP) into a single process, PolyPM takes two traditionally separate applications and integrates them into a single solution that is easy to implement and learn. Using a comprehensive information management solution such as PolyPM, data generated or updated by one process is immediately and consistently available to other processes. This is a major improvement from manual solutions or from a collection of overlapping applications provided by different vendors.

PolyPM Delivers These Benefits:

  • Reduce errors resulting from duplicate data entry
  • Control inventory costs by reducing waste and minimizing production errors
  • Style development using product lifecycle management techniques to manage and publish documents
  • Improve customer service by being able to provide accurate and real-time responses
  • Analyze sales cycles and buying trends to project manufacturing requirements
  • Shorten delivery times with accurate tracking of purchased and contracted goods
  • At order time, allocate items directly from finished goods or WIP

PolyPM uses a centralized database to provide brands, sourcing businesses, garment  manufacturers and textile mills the product and process knowledge that can be leveraged throughout an organization. The PolyPM database lets users, with proper authorization, view and edit style, inventory, labor, costing, orders, cut planning and production information. Once a change is made anywhere in the database, it’s instantly available for collaboration with all users in the enterprise.

Collaboration throughout a production cycle gives an organization the power to communicate effectively, avoid costly errors and achieve dramatic productivity improvements. Whether, for example, it’s the sewing floor checking manufacturing specifications, or a knitting mill checking yarn and machine specifications, or responding to a customer request for an order status, PolyPM provides the answers in real-time without requiring additional unproductive processes. Businesses achieve dramatic results when their combined product and production information is readily available to all team members throughout the entire product development and production process.

PolyPM Includes Information From Across The Entire Product-Life-Cycle And Supports These Typical Information Management Functions:

  • Style configurations and specifications including BOM, grading and quality control measurements
  • Greige and fabric styles with embedded lab dips and machine specifications
  • Costing on labor, materials, accessories, and contracted items
  • Production process plans and assembly specifications
  • Sourcing production
  • Production costing or production sales value
  • Style, fabric, assembly, notions and trim images
  • Provides for over/under production with cut planning
  • Complete order tracking, work-in-process, shipping and invoicing
  • Raw material, work-in-process and finished goods inventory management
  • Product revision (Style and Order history)
  • Collaborative information for each class of item
  • Contextual database searches
  • Report generation

Polygon is committed to providing information management solutions, which encourage innovation, reduce costs, increase quality, reduce time-to-market, and enhance overall competitiveness. Polygon supports these goals by providing solutions focused on solving today’s data management and production process challenges. We help fashion industry businesses bring focus to product development, production, and distribution through PolyPM, our integrated PLM/ERP solution.

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