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Successful System Deployment with Polygon

In order to ensure a successful implementation, system deployment is as important as the actual application. Polygon uses a four-phase task oriented approach to accomplish the system deployment. The result is a solution that reflects your business operations, by using standard customization capabilities built in PolyPM.

Polygon, through the use of proven development methodologies, provides our customers with a customized, cost-effective solution that maximizes return on training dollars while ensuring that the end users’ specific training and performance support needs are met.

Polygon’s learning model presents job tasks in context with business processes and company goals and objectives. It also integrates classroom instruction with the performance support tools end-users use on the job. This integration increases users’ familiarity with these tools and prepares them to be successful.

Polygon uses a staged approach for system deployment, visiting your site several times during implementation. This approach gives end-users the ability to develop and reinforce skills between training sessions using a building-block approach. The end-result, end-users gain a high level of competency and are more prepared for long-term use. In addition, using a staged approach is less disruptive to current operations.

We accomplish our successful learning environment by:

  • Preparing learners with initial knowledge of what to expect from the training and they understand how their role or job functions relate to their organization.
  • Providing learners with a clear understanding of both organization and process goals. Users are more receptive to learning when they see the need to learn or have the desire to learn.
  • Using knowledgeable instructors to show learners how to do their specific job tasks.
  • Letting people practice and learn hands-on to achieve the greatest level of comprehension and enthusiasm.
  • Preparing materials that deliver information to support the learning environment.

To support deployment of PolyPM, Polygon deploys a variety of training and performance support materials that support the overall training and performance support approach. While delivery of the content will take place chiefly during training “events”, Polygon believes it is critical to focus on both the context in which the software application will be used as well as the application itself.

To support implementation, Polygon delivers robust, performance-based training in a hands-on instructor-led environment at your facility. This training, employing a combination of conceptual and procedural material, will focus on the tasks users will actually be performing in the application.
Throughout the implementation and system configuration Polygon meets with customer representatives in order to learn and understand the entire work environment and to configure a solution that reflects this environment. The system implementation falls into several content functional categories:

  • Product Configuration – Based on user input, Polygon will customize the PolyPM user-interface to reflect system functional requirements, organization and industry specific language.
  • Legacy Data – Development of an application to import legacy data into the PolyPM environment.
  • Workflow – Establish initial workflows for product development, specifications and procedures.
  • User Security – Using the PolyPM security system, implement and configure the various defined security levels, supporting the various rights and restrictions.
  • Reporting – Working in the PolyPM/Crystal Reports reporting environment develop initial reports required.

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