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There Is A Lot To Like About PolyNest!

In 1986, Polygon introduced an innovative concept…”open systems”. PolyNest was immediately accepted. Today, PolyNest is the established and perennial leader in open systems for the sewn industry, offering pattern design, marker making, and automatic marker making. In addition, Polynest is recognized as the right system for the job around the world by small, medium, and large apparel manufacturers and established pattern service bureaus.

Often imitated, never equaled, PolyNest has been improved continuously through the years to maintain product segment leadership. Why change the best? To make it better. Our satisfied users provide us with vital input to continually upgrade the performance of PolyNest. There’s a lot to like about PolyNest, and we look forward to working with you to make our family of products even better.

Proven Price/Performance Solution

Powerful, flexible, easy to learn, simple to use, PolyNest is the proven price/performance solution. Users can select from a wide range of hardware options to tailor a system to individual needs and budgets. As needs change, so can the system, with no worry about obsolescence and costly contracts.

Speeds Up Process

PolyNest software, created by experts who know the “cut and sew” industry, applies computer technology to pattern making, designing and marker making. Some of the special features are: an included Rule Library, plaid matching, rubber band boxes, slide functions, multiple ways to handle shrinkage, multi-tasking, special measuring tools, and movement of lines, points, and sections via X-Y coordinates or use of a grid. With these features, PDS, AAMA DXF, and more, PolyNest speeds up the grading, designing and marking process with a few mouse motions. And, PolyNest can be learned quickly, even by users with no computer training. Our users swear by it.

Easy-To-Use And To Implement

  • Easiest to install; easy to learn; easy to use; and is all visual
  • Increases productivity, accuracy, speed and control
  • Increases profits with lower overhead, substantial fabric savings
  • Warranty; maintenance agreement; training; technical support
  • PolyNest is available in most languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and many others.

Features The Way You Want It

  • Multi-tasking

  • Pattern Design

  • Quick digitizing

  • Divide marker option

  • Add points

  • Miniature markers

  • Block fusing

  • Split markers

  • Interactive marker

  • Rubber band box

  • Networking

  • Pattern Edit

  • Plaid and stripes

  • Nested digitizing

  • Notches

  • Cut-downs/drop-offs

  • Import/export

  • Multi-task 2 plotters

  • Merge Marker

  • Internals

  • Interactive grading

  • Auto layplanning

  • Scale markers

  • Create new patterns

  • Rule Library

  • Buffering/blocking

  • Slide function

  • Digitized grading

  • Add lines

  • Annotation

Increased Productivity

The PolyNest system increases productivity over both manual operation and other turn-key systems. In actual day-to-day tests, companies who move from manual operation to PolyNest typically experience a four to five fold increase in productivity and a 3% to 5% improvement in material utilization. Those who move to PolyNest from older turn-key systems average a 30% to 50% increase in production and substantial reductions in maintenance costs.

Point And Click Simplicity

With point and click simplicity, PolyNest can be implemented quickly and efficiently, whether you are starting from scratch or upgrading a current system. Easy to use graphical interface (GUI) allows users to move from task to task in the shortest time possible. The Windows based program can be mastered in just days – even by users who have no computer background.

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