Polygon Software offers our customers complete end-to-end solutions that include services that are designed to reduce the time to implement, lower your cost of ownership, and improve the value of using our products. Whatever your business goal, Polygon’s Professional Services can assist you in achieving those objectives.

We provide the following services:

Business Consulting

We provide business consulting around your Polygon applications. With numerous implementations in all aspects of the apparel and textile industries, our professional services can help you obtain the best outcome from your investment in our products. Our industry knowledge will help you analyze business processes and develop effective solutions that reflect overall strategy.

Support Services

We have structured our support services to provide the most effective support for our products at a reasonable cost for our customers. Independent surveys have rated our support services among the top in the industry. We base our relationship with our customers around the concept of partnership. Polygon is not just another vendor. We’re committed to your success and our support and response are designed to help you obtain the most effective use of our products.
Our support services include:
  • Telephone support with industry specialists
  • On-site training
  • Software updates

Implementation Services

In order to ensure a successful implementation, system deployment is as important as the actual application. Polygon uses a four-phase task oriented approach to accomplish the system deployment. The result is a solution that reflects your business operations, by using standard customization capabilities built in PolyPM. Polygon, through the use of proven development methodologies, provides our customers with a customized, cost-effective solution that maximizes return on training dollars while ensuring that the end users’ specific needs are met. We leverage our proven track record to help lower the risk of your implementation, resulting in more successful and effective use of our product.


Polygon is dedicated to building solutions that reflect our customer’s specific requirements. Through our staff, industry experience, and knowledge we are able these goals. We recognize that no two businesses are identical, each with their own unique requirements. That’s is why we have developed products that let you tailor the solution to your requirements. We complement the flexibility of our solutions with customization services that are provided by our domestic-based engineering staff. We also provide an application programming interface (API) for our customers who desire to add their own functions or use other third party developers. With the constant demand for integration to legacy solutions, we have the breadth of experience to do whatever it takes to get the job done.