Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


Integrated PLM and Sourcing for retail, brands, full-package, sewn products manufacturing and textile mills.

Throughout the sewn-products industry businesses are deploying enterprise wide Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions to unify teams and improve process productivity. Our industry demands quick reaction to constantly changing fashion trends, while meeting the demands of consumers for quality, price and delivery. PLM helps businesses maintain their competitive position by reducing time-to-market, while maintaining margins in a competitive global market. PolyPM is a proven, intuitive, web-based or client/server PLM solution that provides enterprise wide instant visibility of the product development process for global teams. Highly scalable and fully user configurable, PolyPM is positioned for both small and large teams with hundreds of concurrent users. PolyPM streamlines communication between team members, tracks development processes and corporate calendars, and offers a superior logical structure to define all style attributes.

PolyPM’s benefits to the product development process include:

  • Improved product information and process calendaring across the entire supply chain
  • Improved communication between team members
  • Reduced time-to-market from concept to delivery
  • Lower development costs with fewer errors
  • Increased staff productivity and effectiveness
PRODUCT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT used by an employee in a warehouse

PolyPM’s Enterprise-Wide Capabilities include:

  • A centralized Microsoft SQL database shared by all team members, carrying all product content and related documents.
  • Scalable, web-based or client/server architectures enabling users to choose the most productive environment within local or worldwide structure
  • Event tracking, line plan calendaring, messages, and email
  • The industry’s most configurable style definition facility
  • Greige and fabric styles with lab dip integration for specifying dyes and chemicals
  • Extensive product content with measurements, instructions, and marker libraries
  • One-button publication of user-defined tech packs
  • World-class workflows with dashboard views of development status
  • Integration with all Windows compatible applications

Product Development Expertise from Apparel People

Polygon brings more than 30 years of experience providing technology solutions to the sewn products and textile industries. We invented apparel CAD in the 1970s and have shown a steadfast commitment to providing cutting edge solutions that demonstrate outstanding price/performance. With thousands of successful installations worldwide, our proven track record gives you the confidence of a rapid, low-risk deployment.

As a single integrated solution, PolyPM includes:

Calendaring & Planning

  • Perform Line planning with product line development calendar
  • Track development progress with management level dashboards
  • Track projected costs against actual costs
  • Analyze product mix across any structure including regions, categories, gender
  • Generate projected business targets by Style, SKU, or any other structure
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Component Library

  • Establish an unlimited raw materials library
  • Extensive customizing of relationship structures
  • Maintain multiple suppliers/vendors for each material keeping cost structure
  • Track materials usage and seasonal requirements
  • Establish a component library for labor, tariffs, shipping and other non-material items
  • Maintain material testing records and release information
  • Integrate all component documents in a centralized document library
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Color Library

  • Establish an unlimited color library
  • Define and maintain seasonal color definitions
  • Perform and track lab dip testing
  • Develop fabric lab dips with dye and chemical specification
  • Define a style colorway with as many as twelve colors
  • Maintain a seasonal colorway dashboard
  • Track color usage history and selectively discontinue style colorways
  • Automatically create materials based on colorway
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Style Definition

  • Categorize styles by any user-defined hierarchical structure
  • Create multiple user-defined tech pack structures
  • Build greige, fabric and garment styles for costing/budgeting or production
  • Create BOM with industry’s most extensive style / color /size/option configuration
  • One button export to Adobe PDF
  • Cost to the style/color/size/option configuration
  • Integrate all style documents in a centralized document library
  • Edit and maintain Microsoft Office documents in PolyPM
  • Integrate images and documents from any Windows application into reports
  • Share style design and content with customers and vendors
  • Standardize measurement specifications and maintain sample measurement history
  • Develop templates for sewing, packing, and other product instructions


  • Track and negotiate supplier/maker prices and maintain history
  • Work with multiple suppliers on the same style
  • Automatically email RFQ and Tech Pack to supplier/maker
  • Calculate landed costs for both domestic and re-exported styles
  • Manage supplier/maker relationship
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Sample Management

  • Track and compare sample measurement history
  • Calendar sample requests
  • Submit and track sample requests

Enterprise Collaboration

  • Collaborate with Vendors / Suppliers / Customers through customized Portals
  • Generate automatic messages to team members based on events
  • Send internal message or email to team members, customers, and suppliers
  • Maintain history of all communications
  • Establish reminders and activity ticklers

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