Building on industry-standard components, PolyPM brings together a series of technologies under a single platform that creates the PolyPM Engine. This technology enables users to customize the solution to their business processes on their own. Compared to other products, the end-user’s total ownership cost is significantly less with PolyPM because the implementation is less costly. Each type of user has greater control over the application, giving him more flexibility to customize at a lower cost. PolyPM puts far more controls into the hands of users and administrators, where the costs to configure and maintain these systems are dramatically lower than with third parties or software vendors. This is accomplished by adding a thin layer of customization over the Engine.

These technologies include:

  • PolyPM’s unique Table-driven Technology

  • A single application with both PLM and ERP

  • Cutting-edge operating environment

  • Industry standard components

  • Live data interaction rather than static screens

  • Operator layout of reports and data-entry forms

Of course, every apparel business is unique, and no single solution can fit everyone’s needs and requirements out of the box. Polygon excels at making enhancements to our solutions, giving you the best fit that reflects the way you do business.

Whether you require customization of existing capabilities or integration of new applications, our understanding of the underlying domains and the native formats assist us in facilitating the best solution.

Application Enhancement

Businesses face the challenge of maintaining their systems while, at the same time, investing in newer applications to help them stay ahead of their competition. We make this task simple for you

Our range of application enhancement services ensures the longevity of your investment in PolyPM. Our services include software product feature enhancement, performance enhancements, and industry-specific customization. We have a highly successful track record of application enhancement for a host of customers.

Application Integration

Application integration is a critical requirement for most businesses.

We understand your need to maximize your investment in legacy applications and, at the same time, utilize newer technological advances. We help you bridge the two through our integration services, which help optimize their performance.

Our teams of highly talented professionals ensure a quick turnaround while maintaining high quality and minimizing your costs.

Our knowledge of the underlying domains and the native formats ensures that you get the best solution for your requirements.

Data Migration

Organizations face a constant need to upgrade to newer and more efficient platforms to ensure greater benefits through faster implementation.

We have a wealth of experience in migrating data from legacy systems to and from PolyPM, thereby ensuring that information captured in disparate formats is quickly consolidated resulting in higher efficiencies.

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