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Production Orders are a very diverse module within PolyPM. PolyPM has the ability to track production for greige, dye and garment manufacturing, full package sourcing or cut-make-trim in any combination. Optional modules are available for cut planning and shop floor production tracking. The following capabilities are available:

  • Determine the number of units to be produced based on Style/Size/Color or weight to be produced for knitting or fabric dyeing
  • Create multiple cuts within a Production Order
  • Issue Purchase Orders to contractors
  • Receive purchased items into finished goods
  • Calculate required raw materials
  • Transfer inventory from raw materials to work-in-process
  • Create a fabric cut ticket or dyeing card
  • Create bundles and track key tasks in the production process
  • Track knitting production by machine
  • Track damages, seconds, and repairs.
  • Transfer units from work-in-process to finished goods.

PolyPM takes a proactive approach to production. It goes a step beyond reporting and tracking production. PolyPM provides continual feedback and alerts that advise you throughout the entire process. For example if piece goods haven’t arrived by a specific date or if a maker hasn’t given shipping notice, PolyPM provides notification. PolyPM provides the control you need to manage production, costs and inventory volumes, giving you the power to match your orders to materials, power to specify every detail for every style you make, and power to generate precise production orders that reduce waste.

The Production Order is used to track production from start to when the units are released into finished goods inventory. PolyPM supports all relationships between sales orders, inventory orders, and production orders. This combination of relationships offers the user maximum flexibility to configure production. Even if a company produces using one method today, they will have the ability to change as their business changes.

The powerful production processing features included with PolyPM are:

Production Orders

Group multiple sales orders or maintain one-to-one relationships and generate knitting, dyeing, cut, notions, contractor, and sewing reports for the production run including generating bundle, machine and shop floor barcode tickets. Issue contractor Purchase Orders and track all contractor production.

Cut Planning

For businesses producing their own garments, PolyPM’s Cut Planning module helps users build an optimum marker plan and spreads for efficient production. All aspects of the production process including markers, fabric, and estimated material requirements are available with each production order. Maintain production data in one central database and create a more efficient operation and reduce errors.


Track the status of all units or weight during the production process, weather in house or a contractor. Track each step of production as an entire order or break into bundles or track the progress of knitting or dyeing machines. Use PolyPM production dashboard to view all production with alerts that notify when an order is running late. Maintain damage reports for seconds and scrap and reconcile all units before completing a production order.

Production Costing

Once a production order is placed, generate a bill of material and costing based on required or actual usage. If production is based on sourcing, track base costs from actual received units and perform triple balance between production order, receive slips and sources invoice.

Inventory Alerts

Cut Planning integrates with the inventory. When a production order is generated, PolyPM checks to make sure sufficient inventory is on hand to produce the order and alerts you on each specific shortage, including fabric based on estimated yields. Plus, if something is on order, PolyPM lets you know when it’s due to arrive.

Material Allocation

Once you know your material requirements for a cut, including estimated wastage, PolyPM adjusts your on-hand quantities. Once a cut is complete, measure remaining fabric and adjust available inventory. Compare actual usage against planned requirements to monitor actual inventory usage.

Contractors Management

Whether a contractor provides a belt or a finished garment, PolyPM generates production orders, tracks your inventory, and maintains scheduled deliveries so you can incorporate them into your schedules.

Reports, Reports, Reports

Based on Crystal Reports, PolyPM instantly provides you the detailed information you need to maintain production schedules and analyze results. Registers, Detail reports, Aging reports, Requirements reports, Production reports, Status reports, …you name it and PolyPM probably has it. Plus you can instantly sort, rearrange, or restructure any report to consider the results from a different perspective or generate your own custom reports.

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