Materials Management

Fabric and Trim

Maintain your entire library of fabrics, yarn, trims, greige, dyes, chemical and supplies. PolyPM lets you easily setup and control the organization of your materials so they can be presented the way you do business. The fabric library includes an exhaustive list of fields so you can capture all of your fabric properties including common attributes such as width, stretch width, stretch length, usage and finish.

Trims are easily organized into user-specified groupings such as zippers, buttons, tape, elastic, snaps, etc. PolyPM includes a complete library of care labels including their related graphics. Dyes and chemicals are associated to lab dips and color recipes enabling users to link colors to specific fabrics along with their approvals. PolyPM supports both purchase and usage units for each material and allows multiple vendors to be specified as well. Multiple graphics can be maintained for all materials and are easily added to Tech Kits for effective communication to factories or contractors.
PolyPM’s unique Automatic Part Creation feature saves hours of data entry time and eliminates errors in style BOMs. Simply specify a color or a size in a style and PolyPM automatically adds the material to its library. With Automatic Part Creation you never have to worry about adding the wrong material to a style.

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