Marker Making

PolyNest’s interactive marker making establishes a standard for ease-of-use and performance that enables users to quickly create efficient markers with minimum material waste. PolyNest successfully creates a blend of simplicity for maximum user productivity with robust functionality.

PolyNest’s Marker Making Features

  • The industries fastest, most efficient slide algorithm for placing patterns in a marker.
  • Flexible order entry, that instantly builds markers for multiple size and style combinations.
  • Tight integration with automatic marker making.
  • Flexibility with the marker to replace patterns, cut patterns with automatic seams, place on fold, use patterns from other markers and change parameters such as marker width at any time.
  • Check to make sure all patterns are placed prior to plotting or cutting.
  • Support for just about any industry plotter.
  • Option creating cutter data for a wide range of automatic cutters.
  • Visual distinction between sizes in a marker.
  • Substitute pieces and sizes on the marker at any time.
  • Pattern-to-pattern and Pattern-to-fabric stripe and plaid matching.
  • Continual display of results in length and utilization.
  • Optional placement of pattern artwork when plotting.
  • Import/Export patterns and styles from other CAD/CAM applications.
  • Queuing of unlimited markers for overnight plotting.
  • Cut and plot optimization to ensure the fast plotting or cutting for pen plotters and automatic cutters.

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