Pattern Design

PolyNest Pattern Design Software (PDS) provides a complete set of features for digitizing, grading, pattern design and pattern modification. Using PolyNest PDS, patternmakers and graders are able to input new styles or modify the patterns in existing styles. PolyNest’s PDS tools are designed to enable the user to easily learn how to work with patterns and accomplish their design task quickly.

PolyNest PDS provides all of the features you need to edit and modify existing styles or create new styles without having to manually draft and digitize patterns.

PolyNest PDS Features:

  • Measure perimeter, lengths and area
  • Create patterns from scratch without a digitizer
  • Import pattern data from a wide variety of CAD/CAM systems
  • Rotate and Flip patterns to any orientation
  • Split pieces with automatic seams
  • Support for creating and editing multiple types of darts and pleats
  • Automatic or manual seam allowances applied to net patterns
  • Multiple types of pattern corners
  • Compare measurements between patterns for all graded sizes
  • Block move, rotate, or translate multiple segments
  • Tools to mirror, pivot, slash, move points, and add or remove points
  • Numerous notch types and notch creation
  • Create new pieces using parallel and blend functions
  • Create lines and adjust position
  • Segment walking to compare patterns for sewing and to measure fullness
  • Create and grade all types of internals such as pocket placements, drill holes
  • Copy styles and move patterns between styles
  • Optional placement of pattern artwork

PolyNest Grading Features

  • Display graded sizes
  • Apply and edit XY grading
  • Compare measurements between patterns for all graded sizes
  • Copy grades between patterns or within a pattern
  • Grade from libraries
  • Apply grade proportions or edit existing grades
  • Add grade points
  • Calculate blended grades


  • Support for a variety of industry standard plotters

Digitizers and Scanners:

  • Digitizer with 4-button or 16-button cursor
  • Table size: Multiple sizes up to 44 x 60 in (1117 x 1524 mm)
  • Supports digitizing patterns that are longer or wider than digitizer
  • Supports data from scanners