Production Planning

PolyPM Production Planning is a seamlessly integrated solution that lets you fully plan and schedule production from a single planning screen. Working from either a department, or production line view, users work with an easy to understand and use planning board from which they can view needed information to make effective scheduling decisions. The planning board enables users to easily view product details, manufacturing or sourcing details, available capacity and material requirements and availability.

A key goal of the PolyPM Production Planning module is to meet customer delivery requirements while minimizing production costs. Within that goal, PolyPM Production Planning seeks to provide the tools that enable the production planner to develop the lowest-cost solution.

A key aspect of PolyPM Production Planning is its complete ERP integration. Since all orders, inventory and production data is maintained in real-time, the production planner is always working with accurate data. There is no need for redundant data entry and no wrong assumptions or results based on inaccurate or out-of-date data. With complete MRP and production integration, the production plan accurately reflects an order’s status at any point in time. The PolyPM Planning Board uses drag and drop functionality and color coding to instantly advise the planner of the effects of changes in the schedule.

The following graphic shows a top-level view of the production planning process. The Planning Board shows the relationship between required resources and available resources. Required resources are the labor or equipment requirements to produce an order. Available resources are the amount of production that is available over time to produce the orders.

Color-coded planning boards enable the production planner to quickly evaluate the status of currently planned production and easily move production items to evaluate multiple “what if” scenarios. A drag-and drop interface is used to assign and move production by week or day. Resource calculations instantly update as production is moved. Color coding shows the on-time status, customer, priority, raw materials and delivery dates etc., for each production item.

The table shows a top-level production plan as it is assigned by week. The summary information shows the capacity, the number of units over/under capacity, cumulative over/under capacity and the total units produced during the production week. Color codes provide a Status of the order and tool tip windows give order detail as the user waves the cursor over the order.