PolyPM enables you to maintain a complete history of the development of measurements for a style, called Measurement Sets. Support is provided for an unlimited number of samples from an unlimited number of vendors.

Measurement sheets contain all of the information needed to document the measurements for each size in a style, extensive notes, development history, owner user name and sample and pattern information. In addition each Measurement version is assigned it’s own status, ensuring that the latest version is always the most current.

Measurements in a style are initially based on pre-defined templates. A Measurement Template contains a list of standard measurements for different type of garments, which can be used over-and-over again as the starting point for measurements in a style. The template includes a measurement name, description, tolerance, growth factor, base measurement, and notes.

Documents are fully supported in Measurement Sets and Measurement Templates. Fractions and decimals are fully supported in measurements.