Style Development
This is where it all starts in PolyPM. Style development starts with style graphics and then tracks and maintains fabrics, materials, labor, graphics, patterns and just about any other information needed to define a greige, fabric or garment style in a PLM environment. PolyPM contains rich functionality including costing, bill of material, measurement specifications, construction detailing, lab dips and design sketches/photos generated from most Window’s graphics products. By maintaining all product information in a single location, team members can easily obtain information whether they are across the aisle or across the ocean.

Data Vault

PolyPM maintains all style information and documents in a centralized electronic filing cabinet. Users retrieve and edit their style information such as graphics and spreadsheets from the data vault. When changes are made, PolyPM keeps track of who made the changes, what they did and when they did it.

Bill of Material

Track patterns, fabrics, notions, trim, labor and even shipping supplies with the most advanced style/size/color/option variation support in the industry. Group them together to make style definition easy and automatically generate costing down to the size level and Bill of Material reports through Crystal Reports.


Develop garment cost and/or Production Sales Value (PSV) to whatever detail works best for your business, whether it’s down to the last thread or a single high level garment cost. Perform “what if” analysis and easily evaluate the effects of product/style changes.

Style/Fabric/Size/Color Configurator

Configure your style/fabric/color/size/option matrix to meet your business requirements. PolyPM has the industry’s most complete style matrix in the industry with support for the most complex product configurations. PolyPM includes support for any two-dimensional size matrix for products like pants, shoes, bra, and shirts with no limits on the number of sizes in a range.

Event Messaging

Each user receives custom messages that are unique for their job responsibility. These messages provide the collaboration that communicates automatically between users, helping to improve productivity and avoid errors when tasks are overlooked.


Using flow charts, also known as time and action calendars, users establish product and raw material development schedules or track samples schedules. Track development progress and instantly show summaries of current schedules, with alerts when task are late.

Track Product Documents

Maintain all documents related to a specific style in a single style folder providing integrated access for all users. PolyPM’s Style tree makes it easy to access any document, grouping them by function and easy viewing with the click of a mouse.

Measurement Specs

Develop style measurement specifications from pre-defined templates. Track and compare measurements through the entire development process for fit and pre-production samples.

Construction Details

Maintain manufacturing and assembly instructions with the style information. Create instructions using any standard Windows CAD or illustration software and link them for easy retrieval throughout the system.

Spec Control

Maintain complete control over style development from concept to final release to production and independently tracking the progress of each style.

Style Graphics

Scan or create sketch graphics or photographic images using graphic creation programs such as PhotoShop, Illustrator or AutoSketch and link the images with specific styles, components and raw materials. Display the images with the style sheets and edit them using the original program.

Document Publishing

Use PolyPM to publish and maintain documents that have been released for production. Control access to each document from concept through release, making sure only those team members with proper authorization can access important product documents.