Polygon’s Support Services are here to help with some of the issues our customers face on a daily basis. Our goal is to make the customer experience with Polygon Software as satisfying as possible. To use our services, email us at or or give us a call in the US 410.653.8004.

Our services maximize your investment by through responsive support and quick problem resolution so you can obtain the bext performance from your systems. We accomplish this through our network of highly skilled technical support staff, who are dedicated to your success. This is why our customers rated Polygon Software in Apparel Magazine as one of the leading vendors in the area of software support and services.

Here are a few of the services we provide

Technical Support

Do you have a question about your software? Need assistance on a specific function? Having trouble setting up hardware? If you have subscription service, we can get help you resolve any technical problems.


Just hired a new operator? Would like to take advantage of some additional capabilities? Getting ready for a new installation? We provide both on-site and Internet-based training. You get to pick the on that best applies to your requirements.


Need your billing address changed? How about an inquiry into your past purchases and/or account balances? Call us and we will update you!

Account Management

Need your contact information updated? Has your company recently grown? Would you like a company added to your contact/company information? Need to purchase additional licenses? We will help you fix it!

Licensing Issues

Do you need a license code? Is your license not activating? Do you need machine code verification? Are you experiencing errors connecting or can you not connect at all? Do you have basic licensing question? We can help!

Renewing Subscriptions/Licenses

Would you like to check on your payment of the renewed service? How about expiration status of your licenses/subscriptions? Would you like an update on your renewal status? Call us we have this information readily available for you!

To use our services, contact us today for more information: or call 410. 653.8004.