Cut Planning

PolyPM’s Cut Planning module helps users build an optimum marker plan and spreads for efficient production. Fully integrated with PolyPM’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or available as a standalone application, all aspects of the production process including markers, fabric, and estimated material requirements are available with each production order. By working with integrated cut planning, businesses are able to maintain their production data in one central database which creates a more efficient operation and reduces errors.

Cut Planning uses an efficient three-step process that begins with planning the optimum markers and plies required. Markers can be planned automatically or manually. Based on this information, a spread plan is automatically created that shows the required markers, marker lengths, material plies, and relationships to the cuts. When the spread plan is approved, cut orders are also automatically built, saving the labor intensive time associated with manually building cut orders. PolyPM automatically calculates the materials required for each Cut Order and will adjust material requirement based on actual requirements, rather than estimated requirements. Cut Planning helps businesses reduce errors and save fabric by:

  • Automatically develop the most efficient marker ratios based on the quantities ordered.
  • Automatically calculating required plies and remaining units as markers are added to a plan.
  • Reducing cut planning time and generating Cut Orders automatically from the Marker/Spread Plan.
  • Calculating material requirements based on actual marker lengths and automatically adjusting requirements in each Cut Order.
  • Automatically adjust production quantities with balanced Marker Plan, adjusting secondary material requirements when primary material quantities are adjusted.
  • Integrated material withdrawal enables users to select the best rolls of fabric needed to complete a cut.
  • Reports that show Spread Plan, Cuts, markers in a cut, rolls needed for a cut, actual versus estimated comparisons, plus much, much more and user-defined reports.
  • Determine which sizes to put in each marker, fabric plies, marker and fabric spread sequence.
  • Work-in-process integration to track cut order production at the bundle level.
PolyPM Cut Planning features include:
  • Extensive marker library that associates markers with styles and materials
  • Support for tubular goods
  • Marker ratios with fractional ratio support
  • Reuse existing markers or create demand for new markers
  • Join like materials into one marker plan for cut optimization
  • Combine spreads to reduce labor spread costs
  • Combine multiple styles in one marker
  • Share spreads among multiple cuts
  • Primary and secondary materials
  • Plan within fabric availability by length and width
  • Full reporting to production control, marker making, and cutting room
  • Automatic creation of spread plans based on marker ratios, goods type and maximum plies
  • Adjust make quantities to balance markers and orders
  • Combine spreads into a single cut
  • Create Cut Orders automatically
  • Integration with material requirements and work-in-process
  • Generate reports that show planned versus actual for materials