PolyPM maintains a complete raw material, work-in-process (WIP) and finished goods inventories that is fully integrated with order processing and manufacturing. At any point in time you will know the current status of your inventory, so you can make more informed decisions, saving time and money. PolyPM includes these inventory management capabilities:

Inventory Control

Quickly view on-hand, ordered, work-in-process, and available inventory amounts, make adjustments, and run physical inventory checks hassle-free!

Purchase Order Entry

Enter and issue Purchase Orders for contracted items or raw materials. Track open purchases and view aging reports sorted by supplier.

Finished Goods Allocation

PolyPM supports production to order, production for inventory or both. Units may be allocated from inventory directly from a sales order or from a production order.

Work-in-Process Reporting

Timely information tells you what’s in production, who it’s for, and when they need it.

Inventory Adjustments

Make adjustments for returns and seconds.

Product Histories

Detailed reports tell you what products are selling well, which colors are popular, who’s buying what, and how often!

Inventory Reports

PolyPM includes reporting tools so you always have all the information you need. You get instant access to aging, availability, value, and location reports that you can instantly sort and query to meet your business requirements.