PolyPM provides a fully integrated order processing system that handles everything from order entry to invoicing. Order processing is integrated with manufacturing ordering and inventory. Use PolyPM for point-of-sale (POS) order entry from sales facility or for mobile sales representatives. The powerful order processing features included with PolyPM are:

Order Entry

Configure your style/fabric/color/size matrix to meet your business requirements. Process orders in units, pounds or kilos and manufacture in a different unit.  Import orders from websites or other third party solutions.  PolyPM includes support for any two-dimensional size matrix for products like pants, shoes, bra, and shirts with no limits on the number of sizes in a range. If you have a custom configuration, our engineers will work with you to meet your unique order entry requirements. Enter orders by specific quantities for each size or enter a total quantity by size ratio.

Order Allocation

Allocate ordered items directly from finished inventory and ordered goods or generate new cut orders of partial orders or an entire order.

Picking and Packing

Generate picking tickets and packing slips separately or together.

Raw Material Purchases

Based on Style definition, PolyPM checks available raw materials to determine if there is sufficient inventory to produce and informs the user of the amount of shortages.


As an optional add-on PolyPM supports EDI transfer from your VAN. With PolyPM EDI you can receive orders directly into PolyPM’s order entry system, confirm orders and send invoices.

Discounts and Pricing

Apply line item or order discounts. Line item discounts can be different for each product and customer and are automatically calculated. Order discounts can be calculated based on the value of the order and the date the order was placed.  Calculate sales price from our robust pricing subsystem by customer, color, size, category and option.   Automatically calculate incremental prices based on order options and even support sales spiffs to specific customers.


Keep track of customer deposits on orders and balance due. Control shipping based on an open balance.

Shipping and Billing

PolyPM supports unlimited multiple shipping locations for each customer. Once an order is shipped, PolyPM generates an invoice and can optionally send sales information directly to your accounts receivable package.

Sales Commissions

Track salesman performance and generate commission reports.

Sales Analysis

PolyPM includes dozens of reports that enable you to instantly analyze sales and order information showing you past, present, and future status. Using PolyPM, you can instantly customize any report to meet your requirements by selecting fields to include, sort orders and analysis based on differing variables.

Customer Service

Instantly check the status of any order without having to contact multiple people and dramatically upgrade customer service. Create notes and reminders to better service customers and instantly send email directly from PolyPM.


Using sales history and pre-orders, forecast production requirements and determine raw material inventory requirements.