Purchase and receive raw materials or finished goods using PolyPM’s purchasing modules. PolyPM gives the user the ability to purchase items based on their business operating model. A manufacturer can specify a BOM and then purchase raw materials needed to manufacture a product. Distributors and full-package businesses can use PolyPM to issue purchase orders for finished products from their vendors. PolyPM helps save time and avoid waist by automatically generating Purchase Orders based on material requirements in a production order. Of course, Purchase Orders for raw materials can also be manually issued. PolyPM tracks the status of all Purchase Orders from initial creation to completion. It even completes a Purchase Order automatically when all materials have been received. Once Purchase Orders are issued, the requirements are instantly available in PolyPM’s real-time material resource planning (MRP) system. The user instantly sees the effect that scheduled deliveries have on materials as they are integrated with production requirements over time. Distributors and Sourcing business issue production Purchase Orders to vendors. These Purchase Order integrate with PolyPM’s production system so production schedules and tracking can be established based on Style, Size, Color and Option. Using PolyPM, a business can both manufacture its own products and source them as well. Both are tracked in production.
Purchasing features in PolyPM include:
  • Purchase raw materials or finished goods
  • Automatic Purchase Order creation from production demand
  • Unlimited Purchase Order report formats
  • Full tracking of all purchasing transactions
  • Optional raw material barcoding tracking module
  • Email Purchase Orders direct to vendor
  • Limit authority to issue Purchase Orders
  • Purchase finished goods by Style/Size/Color/Option
  • Schedule multiple delivers and track in MRP
  • Add in-transit materials to inventory and schedule production
  • Real-time MRP integration
  • Scheduling and confirmation tracking
  • Group Purchase Orders by material type
  • Order materials only available from vendor
  • Add instructions to finished goods Purchase Orders
  • Receive materials by PO or by Vendor
  • Import packing lists directly from vendors