PolyPM supports just about any method to pack and ship orders including inventory, sourced, production and pre-packs. Use PolyPM to generate Packing Lists/Pull Tickets from available finished goods and then create and Invoice your customer. The shipping/invoicing module even lets you balance allocation when insufficient goods are available to support demand. PolyPM supports an extensive variety of shipping and invoice reports, so no matter what your customer demands, you will be able to produce the documents your customers require. Of course PolyPM will handle all of your returns and credits as well.
Shipping/Invoicing has the following features:
  • Pick/Pack based on available finished goods
  • Make partial shipments
  • Allocate inventory directly from customer orders
  • Integrate with third party scan and pack
  • Use optional scan and pack module
  • Direct integration of invoice data to accounting
  • Pack multiple orders in a single container
  • Pack by boxes/rolls or units/sku
  • Generate unlimited number of packing list and invoice reports
  • Issue multiple shipments and locations for a single order