Shop Floor
PolyPM provides add-on modules for tracking shop floor production using barcoding. Using this module, shop floor transactions are automated, helping to reduce errors and greatly reduce the time necessary to track production in PolyPM. Shop floor barcode labels will be produced and printed by PolyPM. PolyPM includes these capabilities for using barcoding to manage raw material inventory.

Barcode Label Printing

Using PolyPM’s reporting facility, Crystal Report, virtually any type of barcode label can be created for identifying shop floor transactions. PolyPM includes Type 128 barcode fonts and the user can add additional fonts as needed.

Production Tracking

When a shop floor barcode is received in PolyPM, the Production Order production status will be updated to reflect the new status. Production can be tracked, per unit, bundle, or by the entire Production Order.

Production Resources

Businesses using multiple suppliers to produce products in the supply chain can assign each supplier to specific processes and the supplier’s required resources. Based on this infromation PolyPM can be used to track the production assigned to each supplier.